The Family

Feltz Family Farms, a fifth generation dairy farm, has been owned and operated by Ken and Jackie Feltz since it was purchased from Ken's parents in 1995. Their children Taryn, Jared, and Jake, along with Jared's wife Jenna and Jake's wife Amanda, will carry the farm and dairy store into the sixth generation.

The Farm

Through the years green beans, sweet corn, and peas have been grown on the farm. Since 1995 the focus has been on dairy cattle. High priority is placed on cow comfort to ensure quality milk and top production. Through different phases of improvements and expansion the farm has grown to its current form. In 2016 a new climate-controlled, high-technology facility for automatic milking was installed, which includes two robots that service 100 cows. An additional 6 robots have been retrofitted in older barns which milk an additional 300 cows. The robots allow the frequency of milking to be determined by the cows themselves. There are 750 owned and rented acres of land that grow alfalfa and corn silage for the 680 total cow herd.

The Store

In June 2017 the family opened Feltz's Dairy Store to the public and recently opened a Farmstead Cheese Plant in the Summer of 2021. The store offers many dairy products, agricultural items, and local specialty goods. The store features viewing windows into the robot barn that allow visitors to observe the cows being milked, while enjoying an ice cream cone or some delicious fresh cheese curds. A viewing window is also featured into the cheese plant where visitors can view fresh cheese being made at certain times during the week.